Product Review: Teint Idole Ultra 24H by Lancôme

A few posts ago I was enthusing about the newest foundation launches with shades for dark skin!

I will reviewing some of these new offerings over the course of the next few weeks, letting you know my thoughts based upon 3 criteria:

  • Colour Match – is it detectable?
  • Coverage and Wear – how does it perform during the day?
  • Marketing Support –   many woman of colour bemoan the fact that they are        underrepresented in the marketing and advertising of beauty products, and as a result conclude that these products are ‘not for them’.   I will assess the marketing support for each product to see how well each brand represents the markets that they are targeting.

I am a loyal MAC Studio Fix user and I have been wearing shade NW45 for years.  It  is a good match for me…just so you know what I am benchmarking the trial foundations against.

First up…

…Teint Idole Utra 24H by Lancôme

As I mentioned in my previous post, Skin Deep, Lancôme offered customers a 7 day trial of their newest  foundation.  From the adverts in the press I suspected that I would be shade 13 (Sienne)…and what do you know…I was right!

Lancôme describes the foundation as “an exceptional longwear formula featuring a unique heart-shaped flexible polymer for comfort…. in 18 shades to suit all skin tones from very pale to very dark.”

Interestingly, it was back in 2005 that Lancôme identified a need to extend its foundation colour palette.  Employees of the USA laboratories noticed they were not all able to find the right shade among those available on the market.  Too red, not dark enough, overly ash, not vibrant enough, too orangey…

Thus L’Oreal  (the parent company Lancôme belongs to) created what was dubbed the “Women of Color” association, and  these women decided to blend a shade range perfectly tailored to their specific needs with shades for every skin tone.

Lancôme soon committed to support “Women of Color” with the launch of an international study.  Using colorimetric measurements, 15,000 complexion colour points were observed on around 1,000 women. This international study gave rise to the shades unveiled in the Teint Idole Ultra 24H  range!

The new shades suitable for a darker skin tone include:

Shades 10 (Praline), 11 (Muscade), 12 (Ambre), 13 (Sienne), 14 (Brownie) range from sandy to more intense tones and these shades been developed for every mixed-race, South-American, Afro-American, Indian-American, Antillean or North-African complexion.  Shade 15 (Acajou), the darkest shade is designed for ebony-toned skin.

So that was the science…but what do I think??

Colour Match

Although Lancôme professes to have a shade for all, with only 6 shades for women with a darker skin tone,  I am not 100% convinced.

Sienne is a rich toffee colour with deep yellow undertones.

It did blend well to match my skin tone…however upon application to my face (with my fabulous BECCA foundation brush), it was slightly to dark…but I know that shade 12 would be to light, so unfortunately it was a mismatch for me.

Colour Match Score: 6/10

Coverage and Wear

The foundation provided a medium coverage, and was easy to apply.  If you do have any imperfections that require extra coverage (as I do!) you may need to use a concealer too.  The foundation has a subtle floral fragrance, which was surprising – but it was pleasant to inhale the fragrance as I applied the makeup.

It dries to give a velvety matte finish.  My skin tends to get shiny throughout the day, thus I was concerned that the liquid formulation would begin to slide, but I found that it wore well although I did need a little powder to take down the shine.  All in all I was very impressed!

Coverage and Wear score: 8/10

Marketing Support

Lancôme has backed the launch of  Teint Idole 24H with a heavyweight campaign which has been highly visible in store, outdoor, online and in the press.


Lancôme’s global HQ has done a fantastic job in communicating that this range is indeed for all women…and I was commenting to a friend just last week (yes…I am always talking about beauty!!), that I believe that this is the first major Lancôme campaign that DOES NOT feature a Caucasian woman!!  It is fronted by Tunisian beauty, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem and the stunning Arenis Sosa.

A fabulous campaign!

Marketing Support score: 10/10

So there you have it!  All in all, if you can find your colour match, I would highly recommend this foundation!

Queen of the Knight

This time last week I woke up still BUZZING from a fantastic night I had had the previous evening, at the famous Royal Albert Hall – where I  joined thousands of soul lovers for the London leg of  Beverley Knight’s (MBE)  Soul UK Tour, which correlates with the launch of her latest album of the same name.

Often dubbed the ‘Queen of UK Soul’ – I was really  not prepared for the outstanding level of pure, unadulterated talent that this beautiful woman possesses – she can really sing – like REALLY sing!  Her vocal range is magnificent and her pitch impeccable.  She truly deserves her title and she reigns supreme.

Born in Wolverhampton in 1973, to a Jamaican family, with Gospel music and Sam Cooke filling her home, Beverley burst onto the music scene in 1995 with her club classic debut, ” Flavour of the Old School”.

With over 17 years  worth of hits and 8 albums to date – Beverley and her incredible band took the audience on an explosive, melodic retrospective of British Soul –  which in her words does not “get the recognition it deserves”.   As well as performing some of her best known tracks such as ” Shoulda Coulda Woulda” and “Greatest Day“, she paid homage to some of the greats of  British Soul such as Soul II Soul and The Young Disciples (they wrote and sang ‘Apparently Nothing’ (…nothing apparently…you know that one,  don’t you!).

She also looked AMAZING!!  Numerous costume changes kept us entertained and enthralled – and she exuded the confidence of someone who is 100% at ease with her (enviably toned) body, which was really great to see!

"You looking at me"?? Like - YEAH - you look FANTASTIC!

In a recent interview in the autumn edition of  Blackhair magazine , Knight divulged that she worked hard to maintain her figure by working out and eating in moderation – no Diva-style cabbage diets here – just a good old common sense approach.

The same interview also discussed Beverley’s make-up brand ‘K’.  I can remember the buzz about the launch of her brand!!  Exclusive to the beauty mecca that is Selfridges – I was over the moon  to see a British brand being launched to meet the needs of  British women of colour.  Unfortunately the line met its demise earlier this year.

Knight states that “… [with] ventures that involve anything to do with black skin or beauty…there seems to be an issue either with marketing or distribution.  Like many others I came up against the same problem”.

The company that was behind the distribution of the brand was Jigsaw Esl.  A PR friend of mine recently regaled her experience with the the company.  She was not impressed with the communications team at Jigsaw Esl, stating her frustration at what seemed a lack of dedication to the brand.   She stated that she contacted the organisation on several occasions,  asking  for the official press release – but was pushed from pillar to post and received  nothing  in the end.  It seemed, to her at least, that Beverley’s brand was NOT on the top of their agenda in the slightest….

But it’s is not all doom and gloom, Beverley promised Blackhair magazine that the range would be back in 2012!!  I will be keeping my eye out for the re-launch and I wish Beverley all the success in the world!

Whilst you are waiting, you can buy UK Soul, by Beverley Knight here.

Out Now!

Model Behaviour

16 year old Northampton beauty, Nyasha Matonhodze for Louis Vuitton (AW/11)

Is it me or has there been a surge of black models being used in major beauty and fashion campaigns and mainstream editorial?

Since the beginning of 2011 I have been ecstatic to see more and more brands feature black models – showcasing our beauty and diversity.

Here are a few of my favourite campaigns and editorial images.

British 'model of the moment' Jourdan Dunn for YSL Touch Éclat (SS11)

Laura Mercier Fall 2011 Collection

Recent beauty feature in UK Grazia

I’ve also recently discovered the fabulous website Beauty Is Diverse™   The site is dedicated to celebrating the diversity of women of all ethnicities.  Its extensive archive  dates back to March 2010 and catalogues hundreds of images from the worlds of fashion, beauty and celebrity – a true treasure trove of glamour and style!  Follow them on Twitter here – I certainly did!

I heart beauty

“For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.  for every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it”.

Ivan Panin (Russian mathematician 1855-1942)


Welcome to my inaugural post!  It has been a long time coming – but it is finally here!

You will get to know more about me as I blog about the wonderful world of beauty – an industry that is worth billions and employs millions worldwide.

I blog as a Black British woman who happens to live in one of the most fabulous cities on the face of this earth!

Any guesses??

I am staunchly proud to be British and I am a champion and advocate of British Beauty.  Look out for my monthly posts showcasing a British Brands that I love and I am sure that you will love too.

I am also extremely proud of my heritage – the beauty of the black woman is captivating, sensual and unique.  I will share my knowledge and experiences of purchasing and using beauty products that are suitable for our skin and hair type.

I heart beauty because…

… it has the power to transform

…. it is more than skin deep

… it makes me smile.

Beauty is my passion.